Search season

Virginia Valian, a psychologist at CUNY, has done important work illuminating how gender schemas play a role in evaluation.  Some time ago (2005) she published a paper “Beyond Gender Schemas: Improving the Advancement of Women in Academia” Hypatia 20(3): 198-213, that is now available online (follow link , visible when viewing full post).  I would strongly recommend that departments hiring this year have their search committees read the paper.  It isn’t long, but includes useful information about letters of recommendation, the importance of accountability, and suggestions to improve search practices.  You can also find her gender tutorials here.  Although Valian’s work focuses on gender, problematic schemas and evaluation bias are clearly relevant to the underrepresentation of other groups in philosophy as well, e.g., racial and ethnic minorities, disabled philosophers, LGBTQ philosophers. Comments that include suggestions (ideas, links, references) relevant to conducting inclusive searches are very welcome!


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