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On Nov 14th and 21st the graduate students at the University of Calgary will be hosting two “Gender Inequality” workshops. The first session is on: gender inequality data, reasons to think that this data points toward a problem of gender inequality, suggestions of the root of the problem beyond explicit bias (implicit bias, stereotype threat) broader topics related to gender inequality (social norms that create gendered interaction, gendered language/communication). Experiential accounts (stories) are also welcome. The second session is on: ‘What can I do about this problem (given the various roles one may hold in academic philosophy) ?’ As graders. As discussion facilitators. As lecturers. As colleagues. As friends. As males. As females. I have been asked along with one of our post-docs and professors to be a panelist for these workshops (I often post in social networking forums about the problems facing women and others entering the discipline). I was hoping that you could point to some sources that could help me accrue the data to inform the participants of the workshop about the problems facing under-represented groups. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a great plan!  And fortunately there are lots of great places for you to look for information.  Indeed, here’s so so much good stuff out there that it’s quite hard to point to any one thing.  See, for example, our “links” page!  The APA’s Committee on the Status of Women has an especially good collection of sources here: <> and <>.  They include data from not just the US, but also Canada, Australasia and the UK.  The BPA Report linked to is broken down in terms of suggested actions for various committees, so it may be particularly well-suited to your needs.

Good luck with your workshop!



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